Home Applications

  • Municipal


    Watergen will lead the way in smart city infrastructure, by facilitating decentralization of the municipal water supply and infrastructure, eliminating the need for piping and provide a sustainable, reliable and renewable water resource.

    Onsite supply of fresh drinking water in small towns, neighborhoods, rural villages, schools and hospitals can be a lifesaving for children and adults; Watergen’s GEN-M or GEN-L can be easily placed within days and guarantee an instant supply of drinking water.

  • Commercial


    As Cities evolve, commercial institutions and enterprises are adopting new modern technologies in their daily operation. The thought of being independent in providing high quality drinking water at work places, in shopping malls and universities is refreshing.

    Watergen’s GEN-M or GEN-L machines can be installed on rooftops or ground floor enabling cool drinking water onsite while reducing the need for plastic bottles.

  • Residential


    The average family consumes 20 liters of water a day for drinking and a further 300–500 liters per day for household uses such as showers, laundry and dishwashing.

    In cities or areas where the municipal water system is not safe for drinking, the water quality is inconsistent, or the supply is unreliable, Watergen offers perfect solutions for residential applications, either by installing a Large or Medium Scale units on rooftops of residential buildings, or by placing a Home unit in the kitchen you can create independent, safe and renewable reservoirs that deliver fresh drinking water directly to your family’s home, leaving the municipal water source to all other uses.

    If adopted on a wide scale, this concept can be used to decentralize the city’s water infrastructure, to ensure a constant and robust source of drinking water, all year round.

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  • Emergency and Disaster

    Emergency and Disaster

    Watergen provides an ideal solution for short or long term sustainable water generation throughout all phases of emergency situations and natural disasters such as Hurricanes and Fire, whenever and wherever it is needed.

  • Sports and Communal Events

    Sports and Communal Events

    Every day there are plentiful sports and communal events worldwide, tennis tournaments, world cup, soccer games, marathons, car racing, public events and more; in each event we consume thousands of plastic bottles and cups generating a huge amount of waste.
    Lately, as nations understand the importance of environmental protection, it is fundamental to have an eco-friendly supply of clean drinking water while reducing the use of plastics at the same time.

    Watergen offers an onsite supply of high quality drinking water to all participants during events that is sustainable and eco-friendly.

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