How It Works

GEN-M utilizes its unique, patented and proprietary GENius heat- exchange technology, to extract condensation from the air around us and produce pure drinking water, energy-efficiently and economically.

GEN-M requires only electricity to function; no need for plumbing or infrastructure. Just plug it into a power source, and within hours, you’ll have access to up to 800 liters of clean, safe drinking water per day.

The GEN-M AWG is designed for fast and easy deployments outdoor. Its inbuilt Genius patent allows for water production in a wide range of climate conditions: from 15 – 40° C and 20 – 90% humidity. Watergen AWGs are implemented in countries with a diverse range of air quality; providing high-quality drinking water across Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, and the United States.

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How It Works

GEN-M provides the perfect decentralized solution for entities seeking to provide pure, safe drinking water to their users. Used as a solution to problems such as drought, contaminated water sources, broken and leaking piping infrastructure or as a sustainable green solution.

GEN-M Advantages

Fresh and high- quality drinking water

Off-the-grid solution, no plumbing needed

Produces up to 800 liters of drinking water per day

Easy installation and easy transportation

Water production starts from 15° C and 20% humidity

Energy-efficient and cost-effective

A new source of drinking water extracted from air

Complies with international water purifications standards

GEN-M Applications

Municipal parks

Residential buildings

Small Villages

Temporary field hospitals

Agriculture farms

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