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Watergen Presents its World-Saving Technology to Dozens of UN Ambassadors

5 Feb. 2019

This week, Israel welcomed a delegation of 30 UN ambassadors from around the world to learn about some of Israel’s top innovations, and experience, first-hand, the country’s main security challenges and concerns. During an event hosted by Tel Aviv University, one of the world’s leading universities and Israel’s largest, the ambassadors were able to hear about the most fascinating technologies and discoveries developed in the land of milk and honey. Amongst them: Watergen.

Maxim Pasik, Executive Chairman of Watergen, the game-changing solution that uses humidity in the air to create clean and fresh drinking water, explained the severe water crisis the world is currently facing, and detailed how Watergen’s trailblazing technology is helping to change this. For years, Israel has led the way for many of the most advanced water technologies used around the world, from seawater desalination to drip irrigation. Watergen is a prime example of the incredible technology the country has to offer in the field of environmental solutions.

At the end of the exit hall, Watergen set up its medium-scale atmospheric water generator, the GEN-350, so participants could directly try and taste the water produced from the company’s system. The generator, which has a built-in 200L water reservoir and a water treatment system that keeps the water fresh, can dispense both cold or ambient temperature water.

Following Maxim’s presentation, guests were also invited to taste the water, and received branded bottles that they could fill in directly from the GEN-350 generator.

It was an honor for Watergen to present its technology to a group of highly respected world leaders, and be a part of an event looking to make the world a better place.