Creating Drinking Water from Air

Creating Drinking Water from Air 

Watergen’s patented technology creates high quality drinking water out of air
for people everywhere  

Our Products



    Up to 8 gallons / 30 liters (per day)
    Fresh, cool water on tap. No plumbing, refills or infrastructure required – simply plug in and start drinking

  • GEN-M


    Up to 211 gallons / 800 liters (per day)
    Give your school, commercial center, residential building or hospital its very own on-site renewable water source

  • GEN-L


    Up to 5000 liters (per day)
    Perfect for villages, off-grid settlements and factories. 



    Emergency Response Vehicle comprised of GEN-M, diesel and water dispensers providing high quality drinking water on the move in emergency situations & rescue

  • GEN-M Mobile Trailer

    GEN-M Mobile Trailer

    A mobile water solution ideal for emergency incident or natural disaster, composed of heavy duty trailer, Watergen GEN-M and diesel generator

  • Automotive Solution

    Automotive Solution

    Innovative water-from-air technology – now available in a new solution, tailored for in-vehicle use.

Latest Updates

27 Feb. 2020
Watergen at the Walt Disney Studios
Jan. 21 - 24, 2020
Watergen at Davos 2020 World Economic Forum
Jan. 7 - 10, 2020
Watergen at CES 2020
TIME, 27 Nov. 2019
Watergen is in TIME magazine’s 100 Best Inventions for 2019


  • CES 2020

    Solar GENNY by Watergen is selected as CES 2020 Innovation Awards honoree in the Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy category

  • Mark of Excellence 2020

    Watergen GENNY wins the 2020 Mark of Excellence Award for Energy Efficiency Product of the Year

  • CES 2019

    Watergen selected as CES 2019 Best of Innovation Award and Honoree recipient for Genny home/office water generator

  • TIME Magazine

    Watergen was called as one of The Best Innovation 2019 by TIME Magazine

  • World Economic Forum 2018

    Watergen was selected as 2018 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer

  • Ministry of Economy and Industry

    Watergen technology was selected as one of Israel’s most influential inventions

  • Fast Company

    Watergen was chosen as one as the 50 Most Innovative Companies

  • Frost & Sullivan

    Watergen won the Technology Innovation Leadership Award