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About us

Creating Drinking Water From Air For People Everywhere

As populations around the world increasingly struggle to access clean, natural water, at Watergen we have come up with a game-changing solution that uses humidity in the air to create clean and fresh drinking water.

Our innovative technology taps into the atmosphere – an unlimited, freely-available resource – to provide drinking water to people everywhere, from the most remote rural village communities to commercial office buildings to private homes.

In a few short years, we have become a global leader in the development and implementation of water-from-air solutions based on our proprietary cutting-edge, patented GENius technology. Our water generators come in a range of sizes to suit cities, villages, commercial centers, schools, hospitals, offices, residential buildings, private homes and more. They all produce the safest, cleanest and freshest-tasting drinking water, improving the quality of life, and even saving the lives, of potentially billions of people around the world.

  • Our Vision

    To provide access for every man, woman and child around the world to fresh, clean and safe drinking water.

  • Our Mission

    Using state-of-the-art technology, we will provide humanity with a renewable source of high-quality drinking water, extracted from the air, making it available anywhere, on demand and at a reasonable cost.

Our Advantages

  • Premium drinking water quality

    Food Grade heat exchange, air filtration, water purification and mineralization in all our products

  • Unique and innovative technology

    Our revolutionary patented system extracts water out of the humidity in the air, an unlimited source of water

  • Environmentally friendly independent water solution

    Our products are easy to install, completely independent of any water piping. Using our products reduce the need for plastic water bottles and 5-gallon solutions

  • A multi-disciplinary team

    Our team of chemists, biologists, physicists and engineers have combined their broad ranging expertise to power Watergen’s unique technology and make premium drinking water accessible to the world

  • The highest standards of quality

    Our in-house lab is equipped with the latest technology and cutting-edge equipment

  • Energy efficient & Cost effective

    Our products produce 1 liter of water using as little as 0.3 KWH, in a wide climate condition. Operating temperature of 15-40℃ and ≥25%RH

  • Complies with international water purification standards

    Watergen is the first AWG manufacturer to comply with American standards ASSE LEC 2004. All products comply with EPA, NSF61 and the Federal Drinking Water Standards

  • Customer support

    Close after-sale support to ensure customer satisfaction

  • Visionary ownership

    Enable the company to support exponential growth across the world


Together with our partners we are providing drinking water from air for people everywhere.

Our History

  • 2009

    Watergen established

  • 2012

    First atmospheric water generator launched

  • 2016

    Investment by Dr. Michael Mirilashvili’s corporate group

  • 2017

    First system installed in New Delhi, India

  • 2017

    Large scale & Gen-M devices donated to the American Red Cross and FEMA to assist in the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

  • 2018

    GEN-M systems installed in Asia and Latin America

  • 2018

    Watergen provides water to athletes and fans during the World Cup and Marathons in Russia

  • 2019

    GEN-M systems installed in Latin America, USA, Africa, Asia and Europe

  • 2019

    Uzbekistan Government signs MOU with Watergen to fight water shortage

  • 2019

    Genny is awarded “BEST OF INNOVATION HONOREE” in the Tech for a Better World product category in CES 2019 electronic conference.

  • 2020

    Genny gets award in “the sustainability, eco-design & smart Energy” category at CES 2020

  • 2020

    Watergen GEN-M installation at Tashkent National University of Uzbekistan

  • 2020

    President of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei, presented with the GEN-M that is chosen to help the emergency forces in Guatemala

  • 2020

    Cambodian Government joins up with Watergen and introduces GEN-M to the National Health Care system

  • 2020

    Watergen incorporates with the Ford Fundation and World Vision to provide drinking water tp rural communities.

  • 2020

    3 Watergen devices have been installed in hospitals and public spaces for people in need in the Palestinian territories.