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  • Israeli Watregen is a key player at the annual COP27 for climate solutions

    7 Nov. 2022

    President says climate change an existential issue that ‘transcends politics and borders, and is perhaps the only issue that can unite humankind’

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  • The first water from air campus! A new partnership between Watergen and Reichman university

    26 Oct. 2022

    Watergen, the Israeli company that creates water out of thin air, is to install its machines for the first time at a university campus….

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  • Watergen is the titled sponsor of the prestigious ATP tournament, coming back to Israel after 26 years

    14 Sep. 2022

    In a major development for Israel’s sports and tennis fans, the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) announced its new tournament in the ATP 250…

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  • Podcast Explains Watergen AWG Technology Installed in Skoda AFRIQ

    8 Jun. 2022

    The vehicle manufacturer’s move to fit Watergen’s AWG that makes water from air in its new AFRIQ rally car is explained in a ‘Simply…

  • Watergen Technology Featured in JPost Piece on Business Innovation

    3 Jun. 2022

    Watergen’s patented AWG technology enables the production of high-quality, mineral-enriched drinking water from the air, for home and commercial use.

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  • Watergen’s Partnership with Skoda for On-Board AWG Makes Headlines

    23 May. 2022

    Watergen’s drinking water generator has been installed in the rear compartment of the new Skoda AFRIQ to provide drivers and passengers with water on…

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  • 2022 Industry Report: Watergen Named One of Top Manufacturers in AWG Market

    4 May. 2022

    The ‘Atmospheric Water Generator Market Report, Growth Forecast, Industry Statistics Till 2028’ report places Watergen on the Top Manufacturers of in the AWG Market…

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  • Watergen President Explores Israel’s Place on the Global Scale in JPost Opinion Piece

    3 May. 2022

    Dr. Mirilashvili says Watergen is at the forefront of companies cooperating to bring water security to the region under the new Abraham Accords peace…

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  • JPost Report Explores Watergen Partnership with STMicrolectronics

    6 Apr. 2022

    In efforts to lower water usage at its manufacturing centers by 20% within the next three years, global semiconductor group STMelectronics has partnered with…

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  • Expert Encourages Water-Stressed MidEast Countries to Use Watergen Technology

    22 Mar. 2022

    Dr. Aiman Eid Al-Rawajfeh says that while desalination is a good non-traditional water source, Watergen’s AWG technology provides a more affordable and water resource.

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  • Watergen’s Mobile Air-to-Water Technology Featured in Intelligent Living

    25 Nov. 2021

    Watergen’s Mobile Box that gives off-grid explorers access to clean and healthy water, is featured alongside other groundbreaking technologies from around the world.

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  • Watergen’s Mobile Water Generator Features in New Atlas

    10 Nov. 2021

    Watergen’s new mobility lineup, including its Mobile Box H20 generator that’s ideal solution for off-grid nomads, features in this technology and science news publication.

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