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  • ‘Filtration and Separation’ Report on Watergen Device Installed in Navajo Nation Water Project

    3 Aug. 2021

    GEN-M AWG installed in the water-stressed Native American Hard Rock Community of the Navajo Nation in Arizona to produce 200 liters of fresh water/day.

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  • BBC reports on the growing world water crisis

    2 Aug. 2021

    One-quarter of the human population are without access to safe drinking water. BBC hears from Watergen, that is using its air-to-water technology to deliver…

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  • jpost covers opening of new BGU Center for Food Security

    16 Jul. 2021

    Brought about by our Chairman & CEO, the Moshe Mirilashvili Center for Food Security in the Desert was established during a ceremony at the…

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  • israel21c reports on the opening of the embassy of UAE in TA

    15 Jul. 2021

    Meetings between our CEO and Chairman and H.E. the UAE Ambassador earlier in the day were followed by the formal inauguration on July 14…

  • ArutzSheva covers opening of new Center for Food Secutiry

    15 Jul. 2021

    Honored guests included the HE the UAE Minister of State for Food & Water Security, HE the UAE Ambassador to Israel and the donor,…

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  • Navajo Times welcomes our water-generating machine to Hard Rock, Arizona

    11 Jul. 2021

    Faced with an acute water shortage becoming a potential concern in the future, Watergen brings space-age technology that captures water from the air.

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  • jpost highlights project to bring clean Watergen drinking water to Navajo Nation in Rocky Ridge

    8 Jul. 2021

    10,000 families across Navajo Nation lack access to running water. Watergen generator will produce up to 211 gallons of purified drinking water per day.

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  • San Diego Jewish World highlights Watergen water from air installation for Navajo Hard Rock Community

    7 Jul. 2021

    Watergen has installed a GEN-M water generator in the Hard Rock Community of the Navajo Nation, facilitated by store owner Germaine Simonson

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  • eurasiareview published the results of a study of water quality of water generated from the air in Tel Aviv.

    23 Jun. 2021

    A study of water quality gave Watergen high marks. eurasiareview published the results of a study of the quality of water generated from the…

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  • ynetnews reports on TA University study on water quality from AWG

    22 Jun. 2021

    A study was conducted by Tel Aviv University’s Porter School for Environmental Studies. The result found that water extracted from the air by Watergen…

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  • Jerusalem Post reports the celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday with Watergen water

    21 Jun. 2021

    At the celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday at the UK embassy, Watergen produced all of the drinking water for the event on site.

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  • CBCnetwork interviewed Watergen’s CEO Dr. Michael Mirashvili in Abu Dhabi.

    15 Jun. 2021

    CBCnetwork interviewed Dr. Michael Mirashvili in Abu Dhabi. He spoke about the peacemaking accords between Israel and UAE states and the role Watergen is…

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