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It is the birth right of every person in this world to enjoy the most basic human necessity of clean, pure drinking water, regardless of geographical location, skin color, or religious belief. In the 21st Century, no one deserves to live without access to safe clean drinking water.”

Dr. Michael Mirilashvili
President, Watergen

The Water Equation

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Running Out & Polluted
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Old, Rusted & Requiers Massive Investment
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The Result

Global Drinking Water Scarcity

Global Drinking Water Scarcity

Scarcity of Available Drinking Water

Less than 2.5%
of world’s water is available
for drinking

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Challenging Water Distribution Infrastructure

Infrastructure in the western world is outdated, rusted and filled with dangerous pollutants

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Effects of Climate Change

Increase in global temperatures, led to frequent droughts & increases in the rate of evaporation from the existing sources of drinking water

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Polluted Water Sources

Industry has had a tremendous impact on our water ecosystem

Everyday pollution like plastics,
medicines, and more finds its way to our water sources

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Global Population Explosion

Global population is expected to reach 10BN Freshwater demand is expected to grow by 55%

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Learn more about the global water scarcity

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Did you know?

1.1 Billion people lack access to water and 2.7 billion experience water scarcity at least one month a year (worldwildlife.org).

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Did you know?

1 Billion More People will require food, and global agriculture will require 1 trillion cubic meters of water per year to meet the demand.


Water Scarcity map
Ratio of withdrawals to supply
  • Low (<10%)
  • Low to medium (10-20%)
  • Medium to high (20-40%)
  • High (40-80%)
  • Extremely high (>80%)

We provide full turnkey solutions that can help you execute your vision:

  • Installation within 2 weeks
  • 10 years’ service and maintenance
  • Official recognition by local government
  • Technical training on the machines for locals
  • Global press coverage


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