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GENius Heat-Exchange Technology

At the heart of the Watergen product line is the revolutionary GENius heat-exchange technology, a game-changer that turns air into pure drinking water, efficiently and economically.

With unique patented design and non-conductive structure, GENius is the world’s most energy-efficient heat exchange module of its kind. It produces up to five times more water per kilowatt than any other technology on the market, using just 250Wh per liter.
A highly scalable solution, GENius can be configured to any size, to support a wide range of applications, from the central water supply for a town or village, to clean water for homes and offices, depending on the specific water needs.


  • Produces premium-quality drinking water
  • 4-5 times more water per kWh
  • Small and compact
  • Scalable structure
  • Can operate using generators or solar panels
  • Environmentally friendly

How it Works

How it Works

A quantum leap forward in terms of cost, efficiency and reliability

Our technology is set not only to have a significant impact on the lives of countless people and communities around the world but as a solution that is both commercially available and affordable, it will also have a major economic impact on the water industry and will help to solve drinking water stress in major global geographies.

Watergen’s solution is a new drinking water source for our earth. Production is at the point of use; no water transportation is needed.

Whereas other commercially available AWGs use conventional air- conditioning technology to generate water at tested efficiency rates of 650-850Wh per liter, Watergen’s technology facilitates the generation of clean, safe drinking water at just 350Wh per liter. This means that we can produce 3 liters of water for every kilowatt of energy, at a cost of 7-13 cents per liter – a renewable solution that costs less than local purified packaged well water.

As the only company in our field with mass manufacturing facilities on 3 continents, we are able to offer a reliable supply of units, for small or large orders, either from stock or made to meet demand. As well as reducing the lead time between order and delivery, mass production also ensures the reliability of our technology.

For the first time, making water from air 24/7/365 is a true economic reality.