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World’s Most Efficient
Water From Air Generator

GEN-M is one of the most important and innovative solutions available today, producing drinking water from humidity in the air (AWG) and helping tackle global water scarcity.

GEN-M produces pure drinking water from the humidity in the air around us, energy-efficiently and economically. GEN-M utilizes its unique, patented and proprietary GENius heat-exchange technology, and requires only electricity to function; no need for plumbing or infrastructure. Just plug it into a power source, and within hours, you’ll have access to up to 800 liters of clean, safe drinking water per day.

The medium scale GEN-M provides the perfect decentralized solution to problems such as drought, contaminated water sources, broken and leaking piping infrastructure or as a sustainable green solution.

The GEN-M has been designed to meet the needs of small villages, parks, residential buildings, farms, schools, universities, first response teams and other entities seeking to provide pure, safe drinking water to their users.

The Gen-M’s inbuilt Genius patent allows for water production in a wide range of climate conditions: from 15°C and 20% humidity.

Watergen AWGs are implemented in countries with a diverse range of air quality and in the toughest terrains; providing high-quality drinking water across Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, and the United States.

Gen-M Applications


Municipal parks


Residential buildings


Small Villages


Temporary field hospital


Agriculture farms


First responders






Gen-M Advantages

Fresh and safe drinking water

Best-quality drinking water extracted from air. Purification and filtration systems combined with UV lamp ensure clean, safe and tasty drinking water available throughout the day.

Unique and innovative technology

Our revolutionary, patented condensation system produces up to 800 liters of drinking water from air per day

Water production

In a wide range of climate conditions: starts from 15°C and 20% humidity

Off-grid solution

no plumbing or municipal infrastructure needed


Easy transportation to anywhere needed


Water production is at the point of use, right where you need it.

Environmentally friendly

Reduces the need for plastic water bottles, logistic and transportation. Reduces carbon footprint.

Standards compliance

Complies with international drinking water safety standards


Water generation capacity: Up to 800 liters/211 gallons a day in ideal condition
Integrated water tank: 200 liters/53 gallons
Integrated dispenser: Ambient water
Dimensions(LxWxH): 1.40mx1.40mx1.58m/55"x55"x62.2"
Water generation efficiency: 350Wh/liter
Weight: 780kg/1,719 pounds when dry
Power consumption: Nominal ~5.6KW/H – Max 10KW/H
Air filtration: Sub-micron barrier filter that eliminates <2.5 particulate matter
Water purification: Multi step filtration cascade down to 0.2 micron of water certified filters set, followed by a germicidal UV lamp. Vital minerals balance the water pH to achieve high purification and tasty drinking water.