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  • Municipal


    By turning humidity in the air into water, Watergen’s Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) guarantee a new, unlimited source of fresh, high-quality drinking water; enough to serve thousands of people a day.

    In an era where water is becoming increasingly scarce, our AWG solutions have been designed to become an integral part of a city’s water infrastructure. Facilitating the decentralization of the municipal water supply, they eliminate the need for laying and maintenance of underground pipes and decreasing plastic bottles usage.

    Our AWGs can be used onsite to supply fresh drinking water to small towns, neighborhoods, rural villages, while the use of our GEN-M or GEN-L models in hospitals can save the lives of patients of all ages. Installed within a day, this is the ideal solution for urgent or emergency situations where water infrastructure is damaged, polluted, or liable to breakdown.

    The turnkey solution provided by our technical team includes installation, onsite training and technical service – all you need to provide a sustainable, reliable and renewable water resource.

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  • Commercial


    Commercial enterprises, shopping malls, workplaces, universities, and other institutions are increasingly adopting innovative technologies to support and enhance their daily operations. Now, they can also secure their own independent, sustainable source of high-quality drinking water.

    Installed on a rooftop or commercial building upper floor, schools, universities or parks Watergen’s GEN-M commercial Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) converts humidity in the air into fresh, cool drinking water, making it available on tap throughout the facility and reducing the need for plastic bottles or 5-gallon water cooler solutions.

    Quick installation and improved water production efficiency also makes Watergen’s solution ideal for use at outdoor public events, exhibitions, and conferences, where water infrastructure is not available, as a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles.

    With a full support package provided by our technical team, including installation, onsite training, and technical service – Watergen is all you need to create a sustainable, reliable and renewable water resource.

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  • Residential, small businesses and offices

    Residential, small businesses and offices

    The average family consumes 16 gallons (60 liters) of drinking water a month; the average 20-person office consumes 90 gallons (380 liters) of drinking water per month. This puts a huge strain on drinking water resources, which are becoming increasingly scarce.

    Creating water from the humidity in the air, Watergen offers the perfect sustainable solution for residential and workplace applications. By installing a GEN-M (up to 800 liters per day) on the rooftop of a residential building, or by placing a GENNY unit (up to 27 liters per day ) at home or in the office, you can create an independent, reliable and renewable source of high-quality, fresh drinking water; no more bottles, no more 5-gallon water cooler tanks to buy, shift and store.

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  • Emergency and Disaster

    Emergency and Disaster

    Watergen provides an ideal solution for short or long term sustainable water generation throughout all phases of emergency situations and natural disasters such as Hurricanes and Fire, whenever and wherever it is needed.

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  • Sports and Communal Events

    Sports and Communal Events

    Every day there are plentiful sports and communal events worldwide, tennis tournaments, world cup, soccer games, marathons, car racing, public events and more; in each event we consume thousands of plastic bottles and cups generating a huge amount of waste.
    Lately, as nations understand the importance of environmental protection, it is fundamental to have an eco-friendly supply of clean drinking water while reducing the use of plastics at the same time.

    Watergen offers an onsite supply of high quality drinking water to all participants during events that is sustainable and eco-friendly.

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