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Automotive Solution

Watergen’s innovative water-from-air technology – now available in a new solution, tailored for in-vehicle use.

The proprietary technology which was originally developed to help solve the world’s water shortage crisis has now been adapted for use in private cars, recreation and leisure vehicles, buses, trucks and vans.

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How it Works

The proprietary patented GENius heat-exchange technology turns air into water in the following four-phase process:

  • 1


    Air from outside the car is drawn into Watergen’s atmospheric water generator, where it is thoroughly cleaned, removing any dust, dirt and other pollutants, leaving only pure air in the system.

  • 2


    The clean air is then directed through the patented GENius heat exchange to the cooling process, bringing it to the temperature at which condensation occurs, thereby creating water.

  • 3


    The water is channeled through a multi-stage filtering system: sediment filtration, mineralization, activated carbon and microbiological treatment by UV lamp, to give the water a fresh and healthy taste.

    * For technical water applications, this stage is not necessary

  • 4


    When the water reaches its premium state, it is stored in a built-in tank, where it is kept fresh through continuous circulation. The water is dispensed directly from a built-in dispenser in the front console of the vehicle, as needed.

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