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Watergen Signs Groundbreaking 3-Way Water Research Partnership with UAE and TA University

1 Jun. 2021

The signing of the Abraham Accords peace protocols between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf States, has created a ripple effect of exciting new alliances being formed, and Watergen is proud to be part of this moving new period in the region.

Watergen recently announced an exciting new three-way partnership, when the air-to-water group established a strategic commercial collaboration with Baynunah, a sister company of the Emirati food security agriculture group Al Dahra.  Watergen and Baynunah will be working closely with the Moshe Mirilashvili Institute for Applied Water Studies at Tel Aviv University.

A groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a Watergen production facility in the UEA was held earlier this month, and attended by representatives of all stakeholders.

The companies plan to develop a joint Israeli-Emirati water research institute as part of the strategic commercial collaboration.  Research at the new water institute will build on existing academic strengths, and at the same time open a path of collaboration with the UAE in other mutual areas of research.

The partnership also hopes to capitalize on opportunities to improve drinking water qualities, optimize sources of drinking water, improve water supply for advanced irrigation, streamline food production output and implement advanced technologies for treating water and wastewater – all areas in which Watergen has years of experience in the air to water sphere.

Building on an existing partnership

The partnership is a natural continuation of an existing collaboration that exists between Watergen and the Abu Dhabi municipality, where dozens of air to water generators have been deployed around the UAE city to bring residents of the water-stressed region fresh, safe drinking water from the humidity around them.

Plans are in the pipeline to inaugurate thousands of new water from air devices using Watergen’s patented and pioneering technology, across the nation.  These devices can produce up to 6,000 liters of pure and tasty drinking water each and every day and require only a standard electrical connection or alternative sources of power to operate.

The joint venture with Baynunah and Tel Aviv University will lay the groundwork for the commercialization of Watergen products across the region, including other Gulf States, as well as in Africa.

Watergen’s technology is currently in use in over 80 developed and developing nations. The group’s water from air devices are used for private, commercial, off-grid and emergency situations and are located in remote villages, hospitals, public parks, schools and even disaster-struck areas.

Watergen Founder and President Comments on New Partnership

Michael Mirilashvilia, president and CEO of the Israeli-based Watergen said: “The Abraham Accords has given countries in the Middle East the opportunity to improve and advance relations in various fields.”

“Thanks to the agreements, we – an Israeli company – are able to cooperate with our Middle East neighbors to solve one of the region’s difficult problems – water scarcity. Throughout history, conflicts have often been centered around controlling water sources. Today we are doing the opposite: building peace and a common future around a groundbreaking Israeli technology.”