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Watergen Technology Stars in Navajo Nation Water Project in Arizona

28 Jul. 2021

A GEN-M water from air generator was recently installed in the Hard Rock Community of the Navajo Nation in Arizona to bring fresh, clean drinking water to the water-stressed region. The Navajo water project is a part of a pilot scheme to solve the dire water crisis for the native American community, living across parts of Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. Recent studies show that around 10,000 Navajo families lack access to running water.

Over 200 Gallons of Clean Water Every Day

Watergen’s GEN-M AWG, installed at the Rocky Ridge Gas and Market, will produce up to 211 gallons of clean, healthy drinking water extracted from air for the community.  The GEN-M’s effectiveness will be monitored, and more Watergen devices may be spread out across the indigenous American territory as part of the DigDeep Navajo Water Project.

Coming Together to Solve Navajo Nation Water Crisis

The project was facilitated by a group of entities and individuals, including storeowner, Germaine Simonson, the non-profit Israeli organization, StandWithUs, and several Navajo-led non-profits.

Speaking on the decision to launch the Navajo water project, the president and CEO of Watergen, Dr. Michael Mirilashvili said: “When I heard about the dire situation in Navajo Nation, I immediately decided that Watergen would be active in delivering our air to water solution there as quickly as possible. The drinking water crisis is the most important issue of our time, and Watergen continues to work tirelessly in order to bring drinking water from the air for people everywhere.”