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Watergen Featured at U.S. Embassy 4th of July Celebration

4 Jul. 2018

Watergen is so proud to have taken part in an exciting historic event: the first-ever official American Independence day celebration since the embassy moved to Jerusalem!

Participating in the festivities at the Avenue in Airport City were PM Binyamin Netanyahu and Sara, Knesset members and American members of Congress, and many influential guests who represent the best of the Israeli-American partnership.

Ambassador David Friedman’s 4th of July message, delivered earlier from the capital, stated, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Gvirotai V’rabotai, for the first time in its 242 year history, the United States of America is proud and grateful to receive happy birthday wishes from its Embassy in Jerusalem, the capital of the State of Israel!”

Watergen’s atmospheric water generators were prominently displayed at the celebration and VIP guests were refreshed and inspired by water derived from the air. Great American food, music by the talented musicians of the U.S. Navy, scintillating conversation, theatrical pyrotechnics and a great crowd blended to create an exuberant 4th of July event that all will remember.