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Creating Water Out of Air Recognized as “Tech For a Better World”

15 Nov. 2018

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) gave special recognition to a technological innovation that creates water from the air, on Thursday, November 8, at the annual CES Unveiled New York. The technique, which comes in the form of a small home and office water generator known as the GENNY, was named by CTA as the Best of Innovation Honoree in the “Tech For a Better World” category for the CES® 2019 Innovation Honorees. The reward is given to the innovation that scores the highest and as being the most impressive in its category.

The GENNY is a small home and office water generator that produces 25 to 30 liters of clean water per day. The machine is a technological innovation of Watergen, an Israeli company that serves as a global leader in producing fresh drinking water from the air. Watergen’s efforts to make clean water available around the world earned the company its place on the World Economic Forum’s list of the world’s top technology pioneers in 2018.

The GENNY was also selected by CTA as an honoree in the category of “Home Appliances,” which means that the machine scored highly across all judging criteria. The honorees are distinguished from among 28 different product categories and are judged according to their unique designs, functionality, consumer appeal and engineering.

“We are pleased the CES committee recognized the uniqueness of the GENNY,” said Executive Chairman of Watergen,  Maxim Pasik. “The GENNY will revolutionize the way drinking water is delivered around the globe. No longer will you need to carry five gallon water jugs into your home or office.”

With a weight of 50 kilograms, the GENNY is ideal for homes and offices. The GENNY only needs electric infrastructure to operate and can be installed anywhere. During the process of making clean drinking water, the generator works to purify to dehumidify the room’s air. With drier air, less energy is needed for an air-conditioning unit to operate. The GENNY’s functionality will reduce the need for plastic water bottles and transportation of water.

Philanthropist and President of Watergen, Dr. Michael Mirilashvili is the visionary behind Watergen’s goal to make clean and safe drinking water available to every human being around the world.

“Watergen was honored with this award in a very competitive arena for its mission to bring clean water to humanity around the world,” said Dr. Mirilashvili.  “Many of our new, innovative technological advances will be unveiled at the CES show this January, which will please and delight the attendees.”

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