Home News Joint Watergen and Vertical Field Exhibits Showcase Israeli Environmental Tech at ACI

Joint Watergen and Vertical Field Exhibits Showcase Israeli Environmental Tech at ACI

14 Mar. 2018

Watergen and Vertical Field is presenting their technologies together at the ACI EUROPE Airport Commercial & Retail Conference at the InterContinental David Tel Aviv on March 13-15. Both are companies harness environmental technology to improve health, wellness and quality of life, and therefore “natural allies”, quite literally

The 27th annual conference brings together airport authorities from all over the world, as well as hundreds of delegates representing diverse travel related industries, duty free companies, global brands and commercial technology solutions.

Watergen’s vision is to provide all of  humanity with an abundant, renewable source of pure drinking water by extracting it directly from the air. The completely independent and autonomous technology system provides access to the most precious of resources in any environment. Watergen solves regional crises of water shortage, a critical public health and economic issue.

Vertical Field is a pioneer in living walls, modular vertical gardens that create a green and healthy environment anywhere. If you would like to pick your daily vegetables off a wall in your home, hassle-free, you can. Smart, computer-enabled edible landscaping sources chemical free vegetables, herbs and spices wherever you are, even in a small urban space. The company also creates moss decoration walls, which, needing moisture rather than irrigation, can be placed literally anywhere, bringing nature indoors.

The conference is hosted by Eliezer Marum, Chairman of Israel Airport Authority and Israel Katz, Minister of Transportation, with the keynote lecture given by the CEO of ElAl, Gonen Ussishkin.