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StandWithUs connects with WaterGen

17 Jun. 2020

We are proud to have been selected as the very first company to be featured by StandWithUs, an international non-partisan education organization that inspires and educates people of all ages and backgrounds into supporting Israel, in their new StandWithUs Connect program. The StandWithUs Connect program is designed to bring stories about relevant Israeli solutions out into the wider world. They chose WaterGen because our revolutionary program to make clean drinking water out of the air has inspired them.

You can watch a one hour YouTube video where Tamir Oren of StandWithUs interviews Zach Fenster, VP of WaterGen. Together they explain how the mission of WaterGen grew out of worldwide shortages of drinking water, and what WaterGen is doing now, and plans to do in the future, to bring its simple, easy and affordable technology out where it is needed most.

Join them to learn more on youtube